Bio-Retention & Raingarden Soils

Stormwater management is defined as the effort to reduce runoff of rainwater into streets, lawns, landscapes, parking lots and other sites for the improvement of water quality.

Proper stormwater management is vital to the compliance aspect of any construction project or large development. As municipalities mandate that runoff from impermeable surfaces be collected and treated, engineered soils become an integral component to the stormwater management solution.

Bio-retention ponds and rain gardens use specifically formulated soils and select vegetation to control peak flow and capture pollutants to manage stormwater on site. By employing thoughtful design and sourcing attractive vegetation, bio-retention ponds, bio-swales and rain gardens can add to the beauty of a site while performing a necessary function.

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Finding appropriate engineered soils for your project can be daunting. TOPO works with land planners, municipal engineers, and soil scientists to take the guesswork out of soil selection and ensure that our customers get the right product for the job every time.

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